Michel Ann O'Malley first found photography as an art form in high school, taught by Bob Mitchell and mentored by Jesse Dittmar of JesseDittmar.com.

She next found photography as a business, shooting her first wedding for the daughter of Morton Dean, a notable journalist, and others thereafter.

She then found photography as an admirer, becoming an agency represented model in the big city of New York, working in runway, showroom and print.

She later found photography as a day job, shooting Chef Bollo's culinary creations at Salinas as in-house photographer and at hospitality public relations firm The Hall Company where her photography was published in numerous NYC publications including The New York Times and Village Voice.

She has recently found photography as a passion, doing a 180 to go behind the lens and shoot fashion photography of her own creation, recently published in LA culture mag Collectionzine.com

Email her @ michelannomalley@gmail.com // Call her @ 203.550.9050.